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About us

There is much more to PSG Software Technologies than the technology we create. We are first and foremost a diverse group of talented people who are passionate about what we do. We are committed to innovate, putting our customers first, and offering a work environment in which employees can thrive and grow.

Our core competence is to build hybrid, platform agnostic, distributed, yet integrated, scalable and extensible enterprise class web and mobile applications leveraging prominent and proven open source technologies offering transactional, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Artifcial Intelligence to the underlying problem domain with an intriguing User Experience.

Shri G.R. Karthikeyan

Founder Trustee,
PSG Sons' & Charities

… In 1926, our forefathers established Industrial Institute at PSG as they felt metals in machines will move the world. Now, we feel that minds in machines in the form of Software Technologies will run the world and get us the required growth.


The short- and medium-term goals of PSG Software Technologies consist of bringing out integrated solutions in the fields of Education and Healthcare.

PSG Software Technologies is vying to produce novel solutions across all Engineering disciplines where we have built our expertise through research and exploration.

Integrated Education Solutions

  • Build end-to-end solutions catering to the needs of all stakeholders involved in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs).
  • Leverage all the latest technologies in the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) stack and empower all stakeholders of HEIs.
  • Leverage expertise of academia, students and alumni to build a product line-up which satisfies the unmet needs of HEIs, today and tomorrow.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions

  • Design solutions for a huge recession-free market space where technology plays an increasingly pivotal role.
  • Bring out innovative solutions from the IoT, analytics and mobile platforms for better healthcare services.
  • Integrate with existing Hospital Information Systems and Data Stores and help build software for wearables and sensor integration.

Why Choose us?

We stand out from the crowd in several ways:


PSG Software Technologies' values shape the way we do our work, the projects we pursue and the interactions we have with our customers. We pledge to:

  • Provide only superior services.
  • Educate our clients.
  • Stay creative and be forward thinking, proactive, entrepreneurial and adaptive.
  • Promote trust and credibility through legal and ethical conduct.
  • Promote diversity of experience, culture, ideas and opinions.
  • Contribute proactively to a better community

Who we are looking for?

In this era we are not competing with humans. The fact is we are competing with tireless connected machines generating variety, volume and velocity of data and also the newer generation of machines that can learn, think and gesture similar to humans. We have a responsibility to outclass, outsmart and control the machines with our work. To stay relevant, reliable and sustainable, the team in PSG Software Technologies continuously and consistently

  1. Learn and innovate
  2. Strive and deliver solutions of high quality with passion
  3. Productive and efficient with business acumen
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